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January 22, 2010

Can you help this family?

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Our friend, Susan Powell, a beautiful 28 year old Utah mother, sister, daughter, wife and friend is still missing and has been since December 7th, 2009. We’re asking you to continue helping us find her.

Can you help us? Here’s what you can do:

• Blog. We’re asking anyone who blogs or who has always wanted to blog to write just one post about Susan. For ideas, you can go to the official Find Susan Powell Blog here: Use the links below in your blog post and ask your readers to help.

• Follow @FindSusan ( on Twitter and tweet about her with a link to the one of the links below. Use the #findsusan hashtag and ask your followers to retweet your message with a simple “Pls RT”.

• Go to the official YouTube channel: Watch the videos, memorize Susan’s face and features. Look around – do you see her? If you do, note her location and condition and call 9-1-1 right now.

• Here is the link to Susan’s missing posters: – Again, please memorize Susan’s face and look around right where you are. If you see her, please note her location and condition and call 9-1-1 immediately. Please also consider printing out a few and posting them at your local supermarket and other places nearby. We’re also looking for people who can help us translate Susan’s fliers into other languages. Currently, we’re looking for Asian languages – Japanese, Korean and Chinese. If you are fluent one of these languages or another one we need to consider, please let us know. We’re always open to helpful ideas!

• Ask your friends to email with “I want to help” in the subject line. If there’s a specific service you can provide for us, if and when the time comes that we can use that help, we’ll email you and let you know.

• Email 5 of your email contacts with the contents of this message and “Find Susan Powell – Please forward to 5 people” in the subject line. We’re not asking you to spam your friends, family and co-workers. Just email 5 people and if you choose to add more than 5, that’s great.

• Join us on the Friends and Family of Susan Powell Facebook Page here:

• Even though the Find Susan Powell Social Media Blitz has ended, remember to wear a purple ribbon for “Susan’s Purple Ribbon Campaign”. Susan’s favorite color is purple, and wherever she is, we want her to see purple ribbons tied to trees, to car antennas and on people’s blouses, shirts and sweaters. This will also help increase the awareness and support for finding Susan and help give hope and support to Susan’s family and friends!

• You can also pray for Susan and her friends and family.

Thank you for anything you can do. We appreciate you!


James Hofheins
Social Media Coordinator
The Friends and Family of Susan Powell


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